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Visualising your Virtual Workforce

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) delivers a number of benefits in the workplace; higher efficiency, greater performance and quality, lower cost and advanced analytics. RPA can also assist greatly in the short and medium, because of it’s flexibility and speed of deployment.

Can RPA be a long term corporate solution?

Well, we know that the scope of RPA can be amplified when combined with a cognitive learning capacity, but how can we help RPA settle operationally and also from accountability perspective? Automated activities are recorded to a granular level and over time this creates RPA’s version of “Big Data”. This in turn is a crucial source of Business Intelligence. With this data we can populate the following 3 areas to help us visualise the Virtual Workforce:

 1. Data Visualisations

Greater use of Data Visualisations with powerful, interactive charts and diagrams to create data driven documents for the Virtual Workforce. Infographics can also be utilised to improve the ability to see patterns and trends whilst presenting large data sets quickly and clearly. 

2. Operational and/or Analytical Dashboards

Well-designed dashboards should provide a real time window of the Virtual Workforce and they will utilise the “Big Data” collection mentioned earlier. The Operational Dashboard can be configured to provide current performance metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) e.g. Process completion rates, average processing times, workforce utilisation levels, popular processes as well as critical information about the environment that houses the Virtual Workforce. Analytical Dashboards can provide an insight for management of trends e.g. what has happened, why, what changes should be made in the future. Sophisticated models can be utilised to provide what-if analysis and pivots to identify patterns, opportunities and help align strategic goals with performance management initiatives if required.

3. Process Diagrams

Lastly, the RPA solution will digitise the process within its software and this interactive process diagram can highlight bottle necks, aid process re-optimisation and assist process enhancements. 

If RPA is to be successful in the long term, be a go to tool and form part of corporate culture then Visualising the Virtual Workforce is going to play a crucial role. 

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